History of Homework: Who Created Homework and When

Ranging from the wheel to vehicles, fire to electric cookers, hieroglyphs to science, the world has improved thanks to various developments in diverse niches. Although each invention was made for the betterment of life some are faced with utmost detest from the human race. 

While some could argue that the pros outweigh the cons when gauging motor vehicles, there seems to be a universal consensus among students that homework was designed to cause suffering. Who invented school homework? What was its relevance to education? 

This article aims to zoom in on the past to determine the inventor of homework and the reason behind their invention. 

Is homework an invention?

Before establishing the person that invented homework, it’s key to gauge if homework fits the bill to be termed as an invention. The dictionary definition of an invention is an original, device, process, or method.

In this light, the first case of homework would be termed as a unique endeavor and thus an invention. Having said that, how do we pinpoint the first case where homework was assigned? What criteria do we use to deem an activity as homework?

For this article, we will gauge the earliest recorded case where homework was assigned. 

When was homework invented?

The earliest record of homework dates back to 1905. Roberto Nevilis, a teacher dwelling in the city of Venice goes on record as the first to assign homework to their students. 

Although this is the case, homework is believed to date back to as early as 1 AD when pedagogues like Pliny the younger recommended that students practice their public speaking skills from home. 

Who invented homework and why?

Although Roberto Nevilis invented homework, the reason behind his invention remains under debate. Some sources argue that his move was meant to punish lazy students whereas other sources claim that this was done to boost their learning. 

The most plausible argument belief that homework became popular with the onset of the industrial revolution. Unlike the earlier years, education was availed to all and not to the few wealthy people that could afford it. 

Also, complex machinery necessitated a change of the concepts tackled in school, resulting in more challenging concepts at each level of study. To address this, teachers adopted homework in their teaching strategy, to aid the comprehension of the learned concepts. 

This allegory is easy to believe as homework has been cited by various resources to help students consolidate the tackled concepts by revisiting concepts, they covered during class time. Homework also helps a teacher gauge the loopholes in a learner’s understanding. 

Is homework good or bad?

The debate on whether or not homework is good for students has rocked the scholarly field for a while. On the one hand, homework helps students manage their time by introducing them to responsibility at a tender age. 

Homework also helps the student revisit the concepts encountered in class, improving their mastery of content. Homework also provides data for the teacher to gauge the feasibility of their teaching methods, helping them tweak various elements to ensure maximum content mastery by students. 

on the other hand, homework may infringe on the creative time for students pursuing their talents. This causes many students to forfeit their interests, draining their talents down the drain. 

How much homework is too much?

Although the debate on whether or not students should have homework, many people agree that there should be a limit to the amount of homework assigned. Too much homework denies students time to relax, causing them to be exhausted and thus compromising their ability to study.

Some states have thus set a limit of five hours of homework weekly, allowing students ample time for games and activities. While this approach seems great, some argue that it emphasizes quantity over quality. 

Also, how can you establish how long a student would take to take an assignment? All these factors together make it paramount for Roberto Nevilis’s creation to undergo improvements in light of its adversaries.

Final take

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