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The Guiding Hand Social Club [GH-SC] is a well known mercenary corporation whose actions in the past have made it famous across the galaxy under the leadership of founder and self-titled criminal mastermind Istvaan Shogaatsu.

In particular, the Club achieved fame in both EVE and the real world for perpetrating the most well-orchestrated heist in EVE history, by infiltrating the ranks of Ubiqua Seraph over the course of a year and, ultimately, stealing billions of ISK worth of items from Ubiqua Seraph. The incident brought a lot of attention on the game from the press and the gaming community, the only other events that even came close to similar reknown were various pyramid /ponzi scams such as the fictional Great Scam, and more recently the EIB scam

They are also known for having at one point owned both Imperial Apocalypse ships remaining in Eve.

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