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The Core Collective Alliance Overview
TCC Alliance Logo
Founded by JuBa Corp
Founding Year 2005
Current Executor Beowolf Schaefer
Current Residence Providence Region

A full brief on The Core Collective will be here soon.

The Core Collective was founded by JuBa Corp in the year 107 EST (2005).

Contact Beowolf Schaefer for details

Recent Developments

Since the beginning of 109 EST change has been sweeping through The Core Collective. The alliance entered the New Year amidst a desire for strengthening their military force, and repelling the ever increasing number of pirate incursions into their home in Solitude.

This began during joint ops with TCC's nearest alliance ally, Antigo Dominion. These ops, and a number of individual excursions of TCC's own gradually built up experience and teamwork within an alliance that had previously been a loose collection of corporations. Leading these Ops were Emergent Chaos and British Legion, although pilots from the other corporations were also present in smaller numbers.

TCC's true potential, however, had not been seen in these small skirmishes, and it was not long before the time came to see how they would perform on a larger scale.

A previous ally of TCC's, Saint Lucifer, had turned rogue and joined Sniggerdly mid 108 EST (2006), and had been preying on some of the alliance's mining interests. A few skirmishes with Saint had been inconclusive with ships being lost on both sides. At the beginning of 109 EST, an old colleague of Saint's, Big Boobies, decided to lend support and opened fire on a TCC mining vessel without warning. Previously considered an ally, Big Boobies suprised many in TCC with his actions which he tried to justify through a twisted sense of loyalty towards Saint, who had been his previous CEO.

The TCC council met and decided unanimously to declare war on Big Boobies corp, Bloodthirsters Inc.

BB's comments on the matter set TCC a target: "I'll only stop shooting you when you've cost me a billion isk"

The game was on.

It was widely known that BB owned a Thanatos carrier, as he advertised the fact well, and had even offered his assistance in the past to TCC. This would be the main challenge as TCC had recently lost one of their capital ships in a POS attack, and so would have to rely on fielding a large enough force of Battleships to take down this ship.

A number of days passed after the war declaration with no contact between the two sides, barring a couple of small scale skirmishes, although there was a clear atmosphere of hostility building.

The decisive battle was not long in coming.

It was late one evening when a TCC force had formed up in a safe spot and then, using an alliance member as “bait”, forced one member of the Bloodthirsters to aggress, thus they were unable to re-dock to safety.The TCC fleet warped in and took his Raven out. Big Boobie’s then undocked in his Thanatos carrier, supported by Tomsudy in a Thorax and Saint Lucifer is a Hyperion. Saint was called primary and went down fast. Tomsudy lost his thorax soon after and TCC began to concentrate on BB’s carrier. He docked up almost immediately and then proceeded to dock and then undock for the next hour or so.

Unbeknown to Bloodthirsters, TCC had arranged for two pilots, Commoner and Res Tance, to re-fit their ships with MWD, nano-fibres and webs. Waiting for the perfect opportunity took some time, but finally BB undocked and drifted slightly away from the docking point. The two ships hurled them selves at speed towards the carrier, colliding one after the other to maximise the impact.

The Thanatos was knocked out of docking range…

The onslaught began. After 10 minutes of continuous fire BB’s shields and armour had disappeared and he was still being rammed by two BS’s, pushing him further and further away.

Finally, in a flash of brilliant blue light the carrier exploded. 1 billion’s worth of isk turned into a very expensive pyrotechnic display.

TCC had accepted and met BB’s challenge.

Update TCC has closed. Some of its member corps joined Code Red Alliance. These members have since dissolved and the majority of the final members of TCC are now members of The Maverick Navy corporation which is currently part of Atlas Alliance.

Member Corps

- Former Members -

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