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The Coalition (often refered to as "The Southern Coalition" but not to be confused with the subsequent Southern Coalition in the New Eden War) was a group of allied alliances in the South formed to fight Red Alliance. The member corps consisted primarily of Lotka Volterra, Veritas Immortalis, Knights of the Southern Cross, E.R.A, Chimaera Pact and some smaller alliances and corporations who were residents of the south east.

The coalition disbanded after the following events:
- Cache fell from E.R.A's clutches, giving Red Alliance another forward base in the assault.
- Knights of the Southerncross left the coalition after a GIA spy offlined the control towers in their main system of Q-GQHN. They arranged a temporary NAP with Red Swarm Federation to evacuate their assets, and were attacked and wardecced by LV and Veritas. They later returned to the South to fight against the remaining Southern Coalition members
- Veritas Immortalis became the main focus of Red Alliance's assault for a short time and were driven back to Great Wildlands from their foothold in Scalding Pass.
- Lotka Volterra facing the combined power of multiple alliances were unable to retain their space and were driven out of the south in a 2 month campaign, despite the intervention of Band of Brothers. They briefly relocated to the north of Stain before disbanding.

The Southern Coalition should not be confused with the current residents of the south-east (Red Swarm Federation, United Legion, Venom Alliance and Knights of the Southern Cross) although the name is sometimes used to describe their bloc.

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