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Syndicate is the only completely lower security rated region which is controlled by NPC corporations, making it impossible to claim. This, combined with its vast Crokite and ice belts, as well as highly valued npc pirates, makes it a popular region amongst pirates and carebears alike. Up until September 2007 there was a complex rated by the DED as being 10 out of 10, which attracted alot of attention to the Y9G-KS and UTKS-5 solar systems.

The history of Syndicate is long and bloody. Rarely has there been much peace in the region, and many alliances have come to claim the region but left empty-handed. One of the only alliances to have lived in Syndicate for a substantial amount of time was the 3rd Front Alliance, who were eventually broken down by Anarchy Empire after their primary defence corp, LFC, left. Supremacy, the Imperium, JQA, NORAD, NBSI and various smaller entites have come to Syndicate at some point but few ever opted to stay there for long due to the chaotic swarms of pirates and freelancers that make claiming Syndicate a hazardous business. Goonswarm and the OSS have alternantly occupied former JQV space from 2005 onward and OSS is still present in that part of space. Black Reign Syndicate and later Anarchy Empire were the dominant force in most other parts of lower Syndicate until the introduction of BRUCE (Brutally Clever Empire). BRUCE initially resided in the PC9 pocket under extreme pressure from the Huzzah Federation, but then moved into the JQV constellation, before making a step into Fountain. Huzzah Federation now occupy the PC9 pocket, and the OSS are back in the JQV area with a multitude of other corps such as GALKO and the 10TH LEGION ALLIANCE, between whom there is much conflict.

Upper Syndicate is considered to be more of a no-mans land with no defined territorial boundaries or large claimants currently in the area. The main inhabitants of the area include Russian corps and random Pirates.

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