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Steve (25th September, 2006 - 11th December 2006) was the first Titan launched on Tranquility, as confirmed by Kieron. It was a Amarrian Avatar, piloted by Cyvok of Celestial Horizons.

On December 11, 2006, at 18:36:00 Band of Brothers [BoB] destroyed Steve in the C9N-CC system. SirMolle of BoB publicly announced that they had blown it up. This was the first Titan kill on Tranquility. This makes Steve not only the first Titan ever built, but also the first Titan ever destroyed.

The Story of Steve

Combat Report - Fall of a Titan

In response to the capture of 00YZ-G by Band of Brothers, ASCN assembled a force of ten Dreadnaughts and lay siege into the lone C9N starbase at approximately 03:00 GMT, which had been erected some nights before. The starbase was successfully put into reinforced mode.

The following morning, ASCN prepared to follow through with its siege. The bulk of the BoB forces assembled itself in 00YZ-G where it set out to reinforce those fighting in C9N-CC.

In C9N-CC, an ASCN camp of approximately 35 battleships and 30 support ships sat on the X-7 gate with approximately 45 BoB ships on the other side. Both Titan pilots were logged in by this point. A suicide cyno pilot was sent in by BoB to let Shrike jump into their camp, but failed to survive. As a result of the destroyed cyno, Shrike was hurled into a random position within the system. Shrike then aligned for the hostile gate camp and warped. Expecting this, ASCN forces began warping to a position 400km off the gate. Shrike dropped out of warp and incinerated approximately 5 battleships. The ASCN support fleet warped back in an attempt to hold the BoB Avatar but lost much to his 10km smartbomb. The ASCN battleship fleet soon followed to a sniper position and began attacking Darwin's Contraption.

As this was happening, BoB forces jumped through from X-7 system. Support craft were ordered to keep enemy support off the Titan. Battleships were ordered to warp out and reposition on top of the enemy fleet. The main fleet battle of the day ensued, where an Interdictor managed to trap eight more ASCN battleships. Shrike sat on the gate, camping, and was joined by KSUDruid's Wyvern.

As the support fleet was collecting from wrecks, ASCN regrouped at extreme range. Traffic's superfast crow managed to get near enough for friendly covert ops to set up 70km from them. Moments later a cynosural field was opened at the gate, and CYVOK used his Doomsday. Due to our maneuver, it only managed to kill one friendly Raven, one friendly Zealot, and one ASCN Scorpion. However, we were only able to kill a couple support before their fleet warped out.

Meanwhile, in Fountain, STK Scientific Dreadnaughts, accompanied by its local allies, attempted an assault of POS in Y-2ANO once again. In this engagement, however, BoB carriers and Xelas Dreadnaughts downed three STK Dreads along with one Celestial Apocalypse carrier. Weeks of hauling and preparation for STK's invasion of Fountain ended in the loss of half their capital fleet, for no BoB pos destroyed. Their goal was simple; to take the station and force a two-front war. Shortly after, the starbase in Y-2ANO was put into reinforced, and STK anchored another in response.

After CYVOK's timid use of the Doomsday device, BS and HACs were ordered to regroup at their POS as support roamed. Shrike had gone to refuel. In the meantime, Valora ran continuous scans and on the third one discovered an Avatar 90au out. He confirmed that Shrike was not at the POS, and assumed it was the friendly ship. Upon reporting to Shrike, he was told it was not his.

Moments later the ship was scanned down. The covert ops pilot had been keeping track of when the DD was fired, and discovered that CYVOK had logged with two minutes to spare on his aggro timer. The entire fleet was warped in, dreadnaughts, carriers, and motherships included. After the dreads had entered into siege, the ship took approximately 4-6 minutes to kill. Valora then probed down the pod, and CYVOK was sent to his clone station. I managed to scoop the corpse in my Deimos, and am still sitting in C9N at pos, 7 hours later.. too afraid to log or leave for fear of losing it.

Immediately after killing the Titan, Shrike was given the killmail and made the historic post on Eve Online forums two minutes later. He then posted the link into local; initial ASCN reaction was that it was a lie. Virtuozzo was allowed to enter our gang, where he warped to the wreckage in his Rokh to confirm. He made it out alive without incident. Shortly after, CYVOK logged on (in JO-) and filed a petition. Within the first fifteen minutes, multiple stories came in;

In all likelyhood, the third one sounds most accurate, as it came through channels before ASCN knew what had happened. Which means he had logged out deliberately, and unaware of game mechanics. To people still wondering - he had 2 minutes left on combat aggro, which means it resets, and you stay in space for another 15 minutes.

To cull any further rumours, there were several plans formulated to kill CYVOK, but in the end elaborate strategy was undone by the pilot's apparent lack of understanding of game mechanics. To put it into perspective, 53 ASCN owned capital ships have been downed so far in this war. Of those, the Titan alone is worth as much as the other 52.

For his spectacular timing and persistance, Valora/Superbeast/Kaltes was promoted to the rank of Centurion.

Writing credits: Digitalcommunist

Storytelling Valora

This is a subjective editorial from BoB members. It might be subject to change in the near future.

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