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Alliance Overview
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Prime Orbital Systems (POS)
Executor Corp Tierjiev Compact
Established by Halo Jones
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About Prime Orbital Systems

Prime Orbital Systems is primarily considered to be an industrial alliance although it does have a large number of highly skilled players. Its focus is generally occupying the region Esoteria while building economically.

Recently Prime Orbital Systems had been occupying space withing IAC, most notably the FAT-6P solar system. They eventually where given a system in the region of Catch to inhabit for themselves, but where never able to fully establish themselves by the time Band of Brothers had invaded. Prime Orbital Systems has since shut its doors, with many of its corporations moving on to Division of Eden.

Corporations of Prime Orbital Systems

Tierjev Compact Oberon Incorporated[OI]
Quantum Industries[QI]
Sensus Numinis [SENUM]
Pandoras Mining Covanant [PMCO]


Prime Orbital Systems was formed by a group of corporations that split from Stain Alliance.



Oberon Prime was the first outpost constructed by Prime Orbital Systems. Built by Oberon Incorporated in 16P-PX. This was the second outpost constructed in EVE. It is a Minmatar Service Outpost orbiting planet VII.

Quantum Singularity was the second outpost constructed by Prime Orbital Systems. Built by Quantum Industries in BY-MSY. This is also a Minmatar Service Outpost orbiting planet IV.

Oberon Incorporated Amarr Factory Outpost was the third and final outpost constructed by Prime Orbital Systems. This outpost was built by Oberon Incorporated in E1UU-3 which is adjacent to BY-MSY.


Prime Orbital Systems also held two of the CCP introduced conquerable stations in Esoteria: 111-F1 and BZ-OGW.


Traditional Allies Ascendant Frontier
Traditional Enemies Against all Authorities, Dusk and Dawn, and other northern alliances.

Territorial Claims

Prime Orbital Systems Shared the region of Esoteria with Ascendant Frontier. Toward the end of its existence POS resided in southern Catch alonside IAC.

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