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Corporation Oberon Incorporated (since beta)
Alliance Morsus Mihi (joined 20th July 2007)
CEO Tamtel Skreej
Founded by Thesiuss
Headquarters Kor-Azor Prime V - Moon 1 - Ishukone Corporation Factory
Ticker Name OI
Motto Ushering A New Dawn For All Eve
Website Website
Forum Forum
Killboard Killboard


The Beginning

Oberon Incorporated first registers with SCC interstellar trade in 2003.05.29 as a Amarrian corporation with Thesiuss as its CEO. The system of Ansasos in the region of Kador becomes the fledgling company's headquarters. The company's economic goal at that time was to primarily focus on drone production. Politically, it publicly announced it's anti-slavery stand within the Amarr Empire.

The corporation grew at a steady pace, employing more than 50 people. However, due to the rapid growth of the company, unrest and dissention began to fester within it's ranks. The dissention finally led a number of top directors leaving the corp along with about 25% of the membership. These individuals formed a new corp called the Military Technology Group (MTG). When they left to form MTG they took with them a sizable portion of Oberon Inc. assets. Oberon was rocked to it's core from the break-off of MTG which left the corp near bankrupt. The future looked uncertain for the young corp, however, due to the dedication of the remaining leaders within the corp Oberon pulls through the split, shaken but not destroyed.

The corporation stabilized after it’s internal crisis and continued to grow through mergers with other fledgling corps and direct applications. Eventually the corp wanted to expand it’s operations out into the lawlessness of deep space. So we decided to move our HQ to the Osmeden System that’s located on the very edge of secure space, so that we could operate in the Syndicate region. We realized too late that the route from our new HQ to Syndicate region lead right through the chokepoint system of PF-346. A notorious pirate den that saw the destruction of hundreds of ships a week. Some of the more well known pirate corps operating there were, The Legitimate Business Men, Sinister and MoO.

Syndicate Placid Commonwealth

We adapted to our new home and the pirate den of the PF-346 system. Our newly formed OSF (Oberon Security Force) even managed to carry out raids and strikes against the pirates operating there to help keep the shipping routes clear. We soon began to make contact and develop friendships with other corps operating the in the area sometimes even combining our force to combat the pirate infestation. After operating in the area for awhile the consensus among many of the peaceful corps operating there was that it was best to form a alliance in the Syndicate region to better maintain a grasp on the pirate situation. At that very same time a similar alliance was being formed in the Placid region, we soon realized that a combining of these two alliance into one unified force was the best course of action. Thus the Syndicate Placid Commonwealth was born the very FIRST alliance that Oberon Inc. was a member of. Some of the founding corps of the SPC were, RUS, Rona Corp, Oberon Inc.

The Syndicate Placid Commonwealth (the SPC) was the first alliance to open it’s territories fully to all of the citizens of Eve. This policy allowed anyone to travel to the Syndicate and Placid regions to mine and hunt NPC pirates under the protection of the Commonwealth. This made the SPC extremely liked but it also made the members of the SPC extremely poor and hard pressed. Because of the ‘Open Access’ system all of the valuable ore was being mined and the best NPC spawns were being taking over by non-commonwealth people. While at the same time SPC members were out fighting pirates, forming patrols, and protecting all, losing many ships in the process. Because SPC members were out protecting these regions they themselves were not able to mining and NPC to replace ships and materials lost in the fight against the pirates. Soon many commonwealth members began to openly complain about the ‘Open Access’ policy of the SPC.

Discontent continue to grow within the SPC and two factions developed. One faction wanted to close all boarders and expel non-members of the commonwealth under the belief that those that do not help to protect the regions should not benefit from the alliance resources. The other camp wanted to keep the alliance regions totally open to all. Oberon wanted a 'closed' border for the commonwealth because we realized that to truly have a successful and stable alliance that resources had to be available within the alliance to defend it's territories. And a effective defense of a region couldn't possibly be mounted when the regions resources was constantly being drained away by non-commonwealth members.

Onward Into the North

Oberon eventually decided to leave the SPC and expand it's horizons by joining a truly deep-space alliance. Because of our close relationship with Rona Corp we made the decision to join the New Venal Alliance. We said goodbye to the SPC and headed for our new home in Venal. We would eventually settle in the P-VYVL system which would become our main HQ.

The New Venal Alliance (NVA) had just finish a long bloody civil war and at the end of that war the Venal Alliance disappeared and was replaced by the NVA. Soon after this civil war Oberon was sponsored into the NVA by Rona Corp. At the time Rona and Oberon was as close to being sister corps as any could be. Oberon easily assimilated into the life of Venal and began to established itself within the alliance.

During this time Thesiuss stepped down as ceo and was succeeded by Halseth Durn.

New Venal Alliance

Joining the NVA.....

NVA dies and the Phoenix rises

Birth of the Phoenix alliance (including member corps) and early history including formation of the NAST......Template:Fact

Evolution & War

The first volleys in the Great Northern War....

Northern Alliance Security Treaty(NAST)

Halseth Durn creates NAST........

The Great Northern War Part One

Many claims and counter claims have been made for the start of the Great Northern War. The defining moment that most people are prepared to agree is that Cyberdyne Industries (CDI) were involved to differing levels in the crisis that unfolded. From an Oberon perspective, Halseth Durn, the then CEO of Oberon Incorporated, had made a public a promise that if CDI did not mend their ways a vote would be held for their removal from the alliance and should this vote not be passed that Oberon itself would leave the alliance.

The weekend before the initial declaration of war by RKK, Oberon shifted its HQ from PV- to H-PA. This was for two reasons: H-PA was closer to the border of Venal so in the event that the vote went against Oberon and Rona, that Oberon would have already commenced the disengagement with PA space; or alternatively if CDI was ejected then it would be diplomatic for Oberon not to be sharing the same HQ with CDI (also PV-). That vote never took place because RKK did declare war and the PA closed ranks in the face of the external threat. What this move did mean was that Oberon spent two thirds of the war in a system that was not regarded as home by its members, and being on the main highway was hard to defend and live in during a war.

The initial strategy was for NSN and Bladerunners to operate in Southern Venal with CE and Rona-KIA running ganking squads into Fade and Deklein. Oberon joined CDI and GODS, amongst others, in confronting Evolution and RKK in BKG. Initially the war followed the format of the previous engagement with Evolution - a lot of sitting waiting for a fight with brief interludes of actual fighting. During this time Oberon members formed strong ties with the rest of the alliance and, in particular, with CDI and GODS. For the first time the alliance actually felt more than just a convenient collection of corporations.

Rest and recreation was provided by NORAD corporations (Nemesis. and Roving Guns) and Jericho Fraction declaring Empire Wars, which the corporation enthusiastically returned to Empire to fight, as it was a good change from grind of BKG.

The Great North War Part Two

Looking back the defining moment when the PA went from holding its own to a position of retreat was not momentous but it shook the confidence and broke the esprit de corps that had developed. In early August, after one engagement in BKG the fleet returned to a safe spot to take stock and potentially re-engage. This safe-spot was busted by an Evolution pilot within 5-10 minutes of the fleet arriving at it, the Evolution fleet warped in and a battleship was lost. On the face of it a minor skirmish, but recriminations followed, with the accusations of the presence of alt spies within the fleet, destroying everything that had been built between corporations. The result was a fatal weakening of the PA with a withdrawal from BKG by the main European corporations, including Oberon.

The withdrawal resulted in a change of tactic; the PA went of full offensive against the Fade Union (FU) and Coalition of Deklein (CoD). This had the great advantage that it could be organised more on a corporation basis with trusted members of other corporations added to the gangs. Whilst this change of tactic did not actually address the most serious threat to the Alliance, namely that of Evolution, it did mean that the PA could fight opponents that were not in the same league as Evolution, even if that was due mainly to a simple lack of experience. This campaign was rather successful with small PA fleets ranging through Deklein and Fade. Pure Blind, always a haven of pirates, degenerated into a pirate paradise with pirate corporations, including m0o, ganking anyone on the highway to EC-. Under this pressure both FU and CoD declaring non-aggression pacts with the PA.

The PA now had to face its true nemesis, Evolution. What they discover was that Evolution had used the period since the last push to BKG to consolidate its position in the North and it now, with its allies, was in firm control of Branch and Tenal.

Following the resolution of the war with Fade Union and CoD, Oberon took the opportunity to finally move back home to PV-. This system and its surrounding solar systems was a great place to hunt npcs and lead a more normal corporate life, as its location in a cul-des-sac of systems with only one entrance though PF- meant that a certain degree of security could be achieved, especially with a cloaked scout ship placed on the entrance gate.

The problem faced by the PA was that the corporations, including Oberon, which had previously fought in BKG, had no love for the place, and no real desire to return. Corporations, like Rona-KIA and CE, that enjoyed operating as roving ganking squads were unable, or unwilling, to face the hard slog of maintaining number and camping BKG. There followed a series of moves to retake BKG, where it became popular within Oberon to bet how many days it would actually last. It came as no real surprise when Rona-KIA and CE decided to leave the PA for pastures new.

There followed a standoff which, to be fair, Evolution and co., or BoB as they had become, were in the dominant position. BoB, even with its force of arms, could not evict the PA and the PA was in no position to evict BoB. With the launch of Exodus rapidly approaching informal conversations were held between directors of Oberon and Evolution to attempt to negotiate an end to the conflict so that both parties would be able to take advantage and experience the changes that the expansion was expected to bring. An outline of a possible solution was developed and a proposal was taken to the PA council. The other corporations on the council rejected the proposal without much debate. Appalled Oberon directors, seeing no chance of a settled peace before Exodus, reported back to the Corporation’s members.

Oberon withdraws from the Phoenix Alliance

The following Sunday, immediately prior to the next PA council meeting, a Corporation meeting on Team Speak was held, passionately debating the proposal to withdrawing from the Alliance. Halseth spoke eloquently about the strength and deficiencies of the Alliance that he had such ambitions for, but in the end the final vote was almost unanimous for leaving. Whilst a press release was prepared for the Eve-online forums, a director attended the PA meeting and informed them of the corporation’s decision. Sir Molle was informed at the same time and a ceasefire negotiated with BoB.

Our initial ceasefire with the forces of BoB was for a 48 hour removal period. This was subsequently extended as it had been made clear by public declaration of our succession from the PA, and all claims to the regions of Branch and Tenal rescinded. Staged group withdrawal from the far outlying regions of all resources, to our facilities at P-VYVL, and onward to h-pa.

We moved home in stages withdrawing all equipment from the outlands to h-pa then convoy back to our ancestral home of Kor-Azor Prime. The excursion made into the outlands for the emperor now at an end. We left Venal with significantly more resources than we arrived. Superfluous equipment being ground down to build beasts of burden and battleships to fly home. Our pilots had fought well over a very long period of time, most were battle weary and wished to pursue other gaming avenues.

A Return to Kor-Azor Region

During this transitional period Halseth Durn resigns as ceo and is succeeded by Kronarty. (Plesae check this statement??)

Back in empire space, Oberon scouts swiftly started scanning resources in moons throughout the Kor-Azor region, and surrounding regions, looking for valuable resources. Basic moon mining facilities were established, and quickly developed into complex interrelated production facilities. The corporate structure was reformed. Distinct managerial positions were established with the operations department, within areas of trade, mining and moon bases.

Oberon started to persue trading once again. Something that for the previous 12 months had been neglected by the onset of the Great Northern War. Advanced technologies were persuade and obtained. Kor-Azor region low security space was a harsh place for smaller corporations and solo players. They were under frequent bombardment from pirate and gank corps. Oberon moved in to clean up the empire, and started aggressive actions against anyone pirating within the locality. This lead to empire wars against FSJ, Shadow of the Ghost and VAT corp. All wars were successfully resolved through aggression, within our opponents eventually moving regions or withdrawing from their previous antisocial activities.

These engagements wet peoples appetite for destruction once again, and soon members started rumblings about not having enough to do within empire. Two long standing members departed the corporation, for the 0.0 fields of stain and it wasn't long before the corporation as a hold began to look to the south for new opportunities in 0.0 space.

Once more into the Darkness of 0.0

Info on our joining Stain Empire.....

Life in Stain Empire

Birth of Prime Orbital Systems

Dealing with ASCN: The Big Kid on the Block


Summary of the two heavyweights of Eve slugging it out....

End of an Age

POS role and demise in the ASCN/BoB war.....

Looking for a New Home

Leaving the south and heading back up to the north.

Kill or be Killed

Joining Morus Mihi and finally understanding the fundamental law of survival in 0.0.

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