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The self-proclaimed "Lords of the Ships & Modules Forum" are a group of people who regularly post. They are akin to the infamous 23, except there aren't 23 of them, and the majority are now permabanned for being too good at their jobs.

The Lords

The Lord of the Angry Ranters

Testy McTest wins hands down (for being not only being an angry ranter but also being a scouser, meaning he gains +2 to ranting and a 25% chance of head-butting you if you try to tell him to shut up). Should Testy McTest ever retire from this position, making a thread entitles "Boost EM resistance on Energized Adaptives" is sure to generate a bucketful of likely candidates to replace him.

The Lord of the Maths

Naughty Boy, with Sarmaul as his trustee sidekick before the bannage happened.

The Lord of Minmatar

Originally DrunkenOne, then Sarmaul. The position is now vacant (DrunkenOne has been banned completely from the game, while Sarmaul has banned from only the forums), as the remaining people knowledgable enough to take up the role don't spam enough to get their point noticed by everyone.

The Lord of the Missiles

Jim Raynor, because he has more SP in missiles than Jesus.

The Lord of the Spam

Originally HippoKing, but much like the Lord of the Trolls position, the majority of people posting are now trying to claim this (usually along with Lord of the Trolls).

The Lord of the Spreadsheet

Once again Naughty Boy, for the simple fact that no-one else has produced a spreadsheet worth using.

The Lord of the Tools

Rahzelk, for making the incredible QuickFit tool, which allows people to knock together setups in less than a minute.

The Lord of the Trolls

Again, this position is now vacant with the permabanning of KilROCK. Many, many people seem to be trying to claim this role if the current state of the forum is anything to go by.

The Princess of Tanking

Naphur currently occupies this role. She was nearly a Queen, but prefered this title instead.

The Queen of Tanking

Pottsey currently holds this role. Famous for passivly shield tanking anything with more than 1 midslot, and could be easily drawn into an argument with j0sephine about the current stats of the Shield Power Relay II.

Other Notable Characters

Minor Dukes

Samirol, because a Thorax without a 1600mm Plate isn't a Thorax.

The Lord of the Bat

Tuxford is currently in charge of the Nerf Bat, and we all love him and hate him for it, depending on whether or not ours are the ships getting boosted or nerfed.


This is meant to be a bit of a joke, please don't take it too seriously ;-).

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