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One of 20 or so Shinra founders, also Lotka Volterra's l33test claw pilot.

Enslaver's Father,

Shredder "aka mr. inactive" is my apprentice.

Chowdown, masterob1, wildhope and gorjer are all my little cousins who i taught to play eve properly.


brief history:

I started off in 2003, did mining for 6 months.

Got masterob1 a scorpion, watching him pvp for it for a month or so.

Bought the character king dave a month or so later.

Lost an apoc.

Did some more mining.

Lost some more apocs.

Flew vigils against cfs.

Got interceptors around late 2004, lost alot of these.

Started actually killing stuff now, less dieing.

Went down to period basis with shinra and took over that part of space single handedly.

We got bored of station ping pong, so we formed [5], went to curse.

Xetic blew up MY hauler, not shredders, a couple of weeks later we took over xetic space.

Red Alliance bored us with crap fights and pos wars.

[5] went north, killed alot, shinra was crap around then.

Shinra left [5] to form Lotka Volterra.

Led alot of fleets, and flew alot of dreads against RA.

Took all of ra's stations.

Stopped being a director cos it was boring.

Took a break ----

Came back, alliance tournament was coming up, couple of days before the tournament, we needed a team, so we put one together, did ok, but died in the end :\

(This was mainly due to me not being there agaisnt Stain Alliance and shredder being a noob in a zealot)

Some more fighting with RA and alot of complexing to make money.

Second alliance tournament : Me and shredder decide to take up the task as no-one else wants to. Mucked that up (Mainly again cos i wasn't there to do the fighting! If i was there we would have beaten bob).

Some more complexing and fighting ra.

Had a break,

Came back, ra was pwning us and we had just allied with bob. So after a few days of raping redswarm in their home systems i went back to being on a break.

Now were in stain?!

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