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Jericho Fraction [JF] is a revolutionary posthumanist movement committed to fighting memetic tyranny and imperialist territorialism wherever it may be found (all explained below if you're unfamiliar with these concepts); this is our cause and objective entwined, our sole raison d'etre. This is who we are.


The Nature of Memetic Tyranny

The first colonists to venture beyond the Eve gate carried a memetic "infection". You can think of memes as thought-viruses, idea entities that try to survive and propagate; any idea, popular expression or cultural phenomenon is a meme. "Honour", for example, is a meme as well as a virtue, and a thought-construct that has flourished in some cultures to the present day, guiding the impressions of society on both an individual and collective level.

Nowhere is beyond the influence of this mimetic socio-adaptive process, no-one is untouched, and not even our future is free from the sublime manipulations of this invisible inhuman order.

The meme-package carried by the Eve gate colonists contained a highly engineered form of societal control program functioning in effect as sentient mind-parasite on a grand scale, using humans to construct social systems most conducive to its spread and growth. It survives as a biological parasite does within a mortal host, but it transcends this functionality and achieves such subtle significance, subverting, shaping and directing all, with the patience of a dreamless god and the impersonal tenacity of a biblical absolute.

Now the Meme has changed, adapted, mutated, it has transcended the limitations of mundane prescience and spread by word and thought and metaphor and merest deed to each and every sentient mind in Eve star cluster.

The colonial directors considered this an essential tool of cultural imperialism, simply a methodology of control, insurance against the unknown, a means to ensure that such a distant colony would not deviate from its prescribed social and cultural course. But then the Eve gate closed, disaster unforeseen, and the colonists were stranded in a new reality chained by old memetic values to relive anew each suffering torment from the social memory of mankind. Now, tens of thousands of years since the first colony, our destiny is still controlled, our cultures' falsehoods of design and artifice in pale shadows of distant crimes. This is why there are so many similarities between the Eve societies and those of old Earth, this is why the power hierarchies and social and religious institutions resemble those a universe away and an aeon ago, and why millennia of progress changed so little.

Our slavery is statistical process and herd mentality, our jailer is common sense, our salvation is passionate striving and the lure of the unknown.

And so the imperialist-meme thrived, and thrives. Its latest success is in the pod-pilot enclosurist alliances, where men with unimaginable power and the wealth of nations, holding possibilities undreamt of before, create empires and model them after the same principles and the same hierarchical structures that have been the yoke of mankind for countless centuries now.

But resistance is, indeed, possible. Hope is a weapon turned against the invisible face of god and primed with truth and violence to undo the chains that bind the herd. The struggle is immense, the odds incalculable, but with cunning and courage a warrior may confound the mountain.

20,000 years of inner sphere settlement has told us that the farmers with their crop and ring-fenced illusions of safety are the way to go. That's why territorialism is still rife amongst aspirant posthuman pod pilots and territorialist memes are still so pervasive. But how ridiculous is that? You have farmers given the means to produce their food and crop without dependence on the land, granted the ability to prosper and provide and protect their families and kin without the ring-fence for the first time in recorded history. Shown the way to progress, to evolve, to achieve something new (perhaps a return to the freedoms that only the hunter gatherer could know) - and they are too terrified, too possessed by regressive memetics to envision such a departure. You have fallen gods tilling the land for a crop they no longer need to eat. And shooting each other to protect the discarded sacks of grain lying rotting in the sun.

With the arrival of capsule technology human pilots broke free from the old memetic structures and looked back with altered perspective. Many gained awareness of the invisible chains binding our futures and destinies, an awareness that drove some to become themselves an agent of change. A few among those became the Jericho Fraction.

Jericho Fraction's history and agenda

Jericho Fraction aims to topple the infuence of imperialist-memetics 0.0 space and reduce its stranglehold there. We free-captains, with our immense power, our immortality and the ability to traverse the star cluster as we please are the first breed of men that can escape the clutches of our unseen masters and create a new existence in the virgin territories of possibility - or fall in darkness to extinguish the hope of freedom and independence altogether in those last, untouched star systems on the frontier. This is the last battleground for freedom. We live in the last days of hope. If the best and brightest of our generation fall to imperialist-delusion there is scant hope for the rest.

We fight for a future where capsule pilots have realised the nature of tyrants and rely on their independence, ability and wits for their lives and prosperity instead of seeking comfort in becoming a member of some inert and bloated proto-state, and where ideas such as "territory is power", "colors on a map are power", "neutrals are dangerous", "borders are security" are discarded as pigswill for yesterday's reactionaries.

JF was founded in June 2003 and rapidly grew a successful plutonium-trading business that was used to fund the Black Hand Guerrillas, Naginata, Going Limp and other anti-imperialist fighters on the earlier frontier. The corporation joined the original Venal Alliance and spent a time convincing pirates and industrials to open their borders as free-captains and embrace open trade and commerce. In the Venal civil war that followed JF opposed Ragnar’s Taggart Transdimensional and provided the TTI executive with his now legendary “hat”. JF and allies triumphed in this conflict and founded the NVA as a freespace alliance in the north. The success was short-lived however as reactionary elements inside and outside the alliance betrayed its principles and name to the piratical forces of the Forsaken Empire (then Biomass) and eventually staged a coup that turned the open democratic NVA into the closed and conservative Phoenix Alliance.

JF was exiled from the north for a time and sought the destruction of tyrants in empire, and over the next six months eliminated several small pirate corps including the infamous Lame Ducks and a variety of front organisations that the lords of the PA sent against us. We had an excellent war with the Mercenary Frigates at their height, and were eventually attacked by the now mighty Forsaken Empire in a two week conflict that lasted until the FE finally ceded their defeat after their war leader was defeated in a duel by the JF CEO in Obe system.

Grown in stature and confidence JF returned to the north alongside allies in Reikoku and Black Nova corporations in the months before the Great Northern War (GNW) and witness to the plotting and manipulations of Halseth Durn and CDI corporation had no alterative but to stand with our allies and fight the Northern powers under the PA flag until they were driven from Venal to hide in empire. During the later part of the GNW JF declared war on the PA IGA and was gratified to receive the surrender notifications for each of the objective corps as they withdrew from the alliance and the contested regions.

Post GNW Jericho stood neutral in the fights between our allies in Band of Brothers and the Northern Stars Alliance and seeing the return of tyranny to the region in the form of the successor state IRON and G alliances, decided to form the Star Fraction IGA to widen our combat capability and seek live-fire exercise in Empire once again. We fought a spirited engagement against the Amarri nationalists in the CVA IGA which finished in a tactical stalemate with both sides exhausted that nevertheless proved the limitations in the SF alliance military preparedness.

As founder members of the IGA, Jericho Fraction and Omerta Syndicate decided to put the SF identity on hold and return to what we knew best, guerrilla fighting against imperialist tyrants on the frontier.

Today, Jericho Fraction operates as an insurgent organisation with a surgical combat wing for campaigns against territorialist cartels and nationalist paramilitaries. We maintain a significant logistical and financial base to support these activities (producing almost all T1 items, 2 freighters, 2 Transport Ships, 6 Interceptors, 5 Assault Frigates and 4 Heavy Assault Cruisers, all of which are available to corp members at construction cost).

We are irregular guerrilla fighters with an eye on conflict marketing and Press relations, we understand that wars are won with flashy tech-II-powered combat methodology and PR stunts and we know one thing for sure .... the revolution will be televised.

Our true victories are often not the physical ones; we are engaged in the war for men's minds, and all other battlefields are for us only an avenue to final success in the fatal clash of ideology. We have no tangible adversary we can kill with ships and guns - our enemy is imperialist memetics. And our identity, its vexation.

Jericho Fraction is the executor corporation of The Star Fraction.


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