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The Imperial Apocalypse is a unique variant of the Apocalypse battleship. Only five of these ships were issued, one to each member of the winning team of the 2003 Amarr Championships and one given away in a BIG lottery.

Imperial Apocalypse


2003 Championship

The team of all MASS (Ministry of Amarr Secret Services) pilots represented House Kor-Azor, and saw Doriam Kor-Azor take the throne as the next Amarr Emperor after a series of frigate-only fights. The members of this team were Kileak, Grikl, BlackViper, with team leader Ecliptical. A planet and several moons in the Kor-Azor solar system were named after the champions in honor of their victory and can be seen today.

The Apocalypse Imperial Issue - The Real Truth

The much beloved and often talked about, only 5 ever made Apocalypse Imperial Issue, ever given to Ecliptical, Grikl, Kileak, and Black Viper. However little is actually true about what you hear of these ships.

Grikl's ship was destroyed by m0o Corp in DSS-EZ (Stain Region) on December 1st 2003 during a battle and that kill was much contested due to the use of an exploit. Ecliptical's ship was sold with the help of another Mass member RagnarH and eventually ended up in the hands of Tyrrax Thorrk who also had bought the Golden Magnate from Ecliptical. That ship was later destroyed on the tournament. Especulation was that Kileak had his ship for a while used the ship to NPC hunt, and eventually sold it, as that account was used for ISK selling for real life money, that account was banned and no one knows what happened to Kileak as he abandoned the game, he does however have an alt, Federot, which has been inactive for a few months now. The other remainning ship is in the posession of it's original owner tucked away safelly in an undisclosed system as Black Viper fears people will do anything and loose anything to try and kill this ship, but in the end this ship is still around. Only 2 players know the location of it, that would be Grikl who is not, nor has ever been inactive and can be seen as an active member of MASS in US time zones, and moving around Stain looking for a kill, and Black Viper the actual owner of this ship. Ecliptical did not go into retirement as many believe, the account was banned due to usage of in game currency and items to make Real Life money, as at that time he was unemployed and with high amount of debt.

Hope this helps to clear some missunderstandings. Any questions about the championship, the Magnates or the Imperial Apocalypse can still be answered by The Imperatrix, the new character of Ecliptical.

Big Lottery

A fifth ship was given away in a BIG lottery, created for the sole purpose of giving newcomers a chance to recieve this maginificent ship. The winner of the lottery, a member of Ionstar, volunteered to have it returned to the Amarr Empire, and an escort event was created. The event proved to be uneventful, save for a few futile attempts made by loyalist Minmatar paramilitaries piloting Rifter class frigates. Golan Trevize of PIE Inc. and Clone 0 of Ionstar recieved medals for their efforts in organizing the defense fleet. A quantity of Pax Amarrias, signed by Emperor Hiederan VII himself, were also given out as rewards.

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