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Editing a wiki is not that hard - Typing in some basic text is easy enough, and with just a few things extra you can make your pages look quite nice.


Making a new page

It's very simple. In the search box to your left, search for the term/name you want to create a page for. If it's there, you'll be redirected to the page, if it's not, you'll see under the header "Search Results" a link to "create this page". You'll be directed to an empty page, all yours to fill up. or use the New Page page.

Editing a page

When you find something is wrong or inaccurate on a page, click the "edit" button on top of it. You'll now see the page's 'source', the text used in the page along with all the makeup code. If you don't know about the code, don't touch it, and just add text. However, with a bit of deduction you can copy sections and make sure your contribution 'fits in'.

How do i make it look nice?

Instead of copying the entire help section of MediaWiki here, it's a lot easier to just provide a link there. In time we may copy the contents directly here, but at the moment a link should be sufficient. On that page, you can find a lot on how to make things looks better and how to make up text. If you really don't know how to do something, post on our forum and we'll see what we can do.

This links to the available templates and might save some typing with character boxes etc!

QUAD Style Guide

Making a good alliance or corporation page

When writing an article about your corp or alliance its important to remember that articles should be objective. Avoid words like "We" "I" and "Our" unless of course your quoting someone. Also avoid inserting your own litle comments in the article. Starting a section with like this: "I've been with X since the begining so here is my version of our history..." only srves to make the article look biased and unprofessional, and it dosnt really add any usefull information.


Remember to divide your article into sections and subsections. Nobody wants to read a giant wall of text. Sectioning an article also makes it much easier for people to find the information that is of interest to them. Sections are made by like '''==this==''' and subsections like '''===this==='''.


Use pictures and illustrations to help tell the tale. Its important not to go overboard when adding pictures but an article should at the least have the corporate or alliance logo at the start of it. You can add in the logo by first uploading it to the wiki and then linking it in the article like this: '''[[Image:X.JPG|center|thumb|380px]]''' where X is of course the name of the file.

Other Tips

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