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The Great Scam is a chunk of early EVE history.



The author of the story conned several people into donating money toward the purchase of an Apocalypse blueprint original, in exchange for which he promised great return profits. While the entire amount, of more than a billion ISK, was never gathered, the author had allegedly scammed people for up to 480 million ISK before he told his victims that they'd been had.


The story does have some authenticity issues. Nightfreeze, the author of the alleged story, does state in his current in-game bio that he wrote the story, however certain supposedly involved parties claim that they where never scammed. Additionally, many of the alledged victims were created since the alleged scam. It is, however, entirely possible that the original characters bearing those names were deleted for one reason or another and subsequently re-used later by completely different people. Other characters of the story, such as Lando Griffin or Danielsan, could very well have been involved and their employment histories fit with the story in terms of timeline.

Yet other characters simply do not exist as of today but, as has been said above, may have been deleted since the story happened and/or was written.

Finally, the very ending of the story is inaccurate since the author states he deleted the character Nightfreeze and never logged back in; in fact, the character exists still and his employment history states he was created on May 31st, 2003 - shortly after EVE went public.

The story has since been discovered to be ficticious, based on an idea that never progressed beyond the planning stages.


The story is written by the wouldbe scammer himself, Nightfreeze. It is also known as The Big Scam, or the Apocalypse BPO Scam. The general conscensus now is that this never happened, and that this is a concoction by the writer.

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