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The founding of Eye of God (EoG)

The founders of EoG, DRI & LWM were all united into 1 corp (ELITE corp) when Eve kicked off. ELITE members were at start all members of our former massive multiplayer online strategy game "Mankind". Due to a totally different way to play Eve than Mankind, ELITE corp splitted up (2 months after kick off)into Invidious & Eye of God. Invidious was lead by 1 ex Mankind member (Phantom) and new Eve members but we never spoke with them ever since

After this adventure 7 of us in EOG but also the founders of DRI & LWM created Eye of God. At the moment we nearly reached 100 members the game interests among the founding members diverted and DRI & LWM were to be created. Ofcourse all seperated from EOG with a good standing

From there Eye of God was cut down below 45 members (including second accounts, alt chars and dead account members). Eye of God was still a member of the Curse Coalition and we were doing ok until our largest ally (Tyrell) abandoned our Coalition. After Tyrell moved to the Stain Alliance we suffered the invasion of the Curse Alliance and we had to leave the Curse region behind us.

Black Nova Corp - BNC - lead by our good friend from the game Mankind, Blacklight, was the leading corporation of NORAD. NORAD had back then a closed membership but Blacklight "forced" the membership of Eye of God into NORAD. After EOG was a junior member in NORAD sponsored by BNC, BNC stepped out of NORAD for several reasons. BNC is now a well known corporation among Eveplayers and is a member of the BoB alliance (Band of Brothers).

When the new patch involved the creation of official alliances our corp became the executing corp for creating NORAD as official alliance. We even were the 4th largest alliance in game back then. NORAD however, was full of burocracy and inefficient and again we got invaded by the Curse Alliance as the Curse Alliance decided to move out of Curse and went to settle themselfes into Outer Ring. Eye of God sticked with NORAD to the end. In the end there was only the real founding corp of NORAD (CHON) and us left in the alliance. At that moment we decided to move on and hand over the alliance to CHON.

And so we negotiated with the Xetic alliance for our membership and we were sponsored by their executing corporation DDC. Just a few weeks after we became a trial member in XETIC the XETIC alliance broke up for several reasons. EOG moved on with DDC as we had no real experience with XETIC at all yet and so DDC & CLS created ASCN.

As we were trial members in Xetic before, we started in ASCN (Ascendant Frontier) as a citizen corporation in this new alliance. The new alliance leading corporations still had a huge trauma about their former alliance and so it took us alot of time and efforts to actually become an official in game membercorp within this new alliance and so we succeed.

When EOG became a member in ASCN as citizencorp it attracted some more members and we enlarged our size from around 90 members (back then around june/july 2005) to a membercount of around 130 members in the beginning of august. Still ASCN leadership didn't invite us officially into the In Game Alliance (IGA) but did invite other citizen corps. From there we started to intensify our recruitment and in semptember just ago we got officially invited into the IGA. We are currently at a number of around 265 members and it still is increasing without us having to actively recruit.

And from here there will be a bright future ahead of us

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