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Name: Corey Grim
Race: Minmatar
Bloodline: Brutor
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 2005.06.17
Current Corp: FinFleet
Position: Combat Pilot, Crash Test Dummy

Corey Grim is a Pod Pilot.


The Early Days

Corey Grim was offered place at the Republic Military School after 5 years of hard work as a mechanic in the Republic Security Services. This unique opportunity was offered to him by Skiks Alfotada, who still acts as RSS Security Commander. Corey quickly received his Pilot License(aka Pod License) With Skiks recommendation and his desire to learn everything there is about Minmatar Frigate class ships. The very same day he received his Pilot license, he got an offer from FinFleet to join their ranks. Corey wanted time to think about it first but somehow his recruiter Kraich turned his head and he joined straight away.

Corey thought that after the military school there would be no more sitting in classes anymore. He was proven wrong almost immediately. FinFleet started a new program for their newest members, simply called "Academy", almost immediatly after Corey joined. The purpose of the program was to make new members comfortable, teach them how to survive, make money and general knowledge of the pod pilot’s lifestyle.

FinFleet’s CEO and directors told the new members, after month or two of intense training, that they were going to move their operations to PO4F-3 in Curse Region. There was an option given to the newest members that they could remain in empire space if they so wished, but the recommendation was for the most part should move to 0.0 space.


Naturally, the opportunity to move into unknown and hostile 0.0 space was a very welcome change to a combat pilot like Corey. He quickly packed his stuff together and joined the operation to move his personal assets. Corey had never seen multiple ships in warp together and was understandably amazed of the sight. He still claims to remember smiling all the way down to Curse.

First there was little to do for him because the asteroid belts was camped by Angel Cartel ships, which his tiny frigate couldn’t match, and everywhere he looked there was emptiness or something so hostile that he knew he couldn’t survive. It is said that there is strength in numbers, while Corey still somewhat disagrees with that statement he found that very true in PO4F-3. However Corey played his part and helped his corp members when ever he could, they returned the favour kindly.

Corey soon learned how he could survive even alone in those cold and remote parts of the galaxy. Corey worked hard and somehow the high ranking members in FinFleet started taking notice. His first solo kill, the satisfaction he felt when Corey first time tackled the hostile battleship, the disappointment he felt when he lost his Rifter, the rude awakening in XX9 after someone killed him in his pod, all these things happened during this time. Corey started taking notice on corporate standings as they were very hard to keep up to date and Corporation directors didn’t have the manpower to handle all things required (they have to sleep sometimes too you know) after constantly bugging Klezz that "these dudes and these dudes are friendly to us according to The Five standing list and these dudes and these dudes just became hostile coz shooting one of the friendly battleship in there and there", Klezz realized that something must be done.

Then the least expected happened to Corey, Klezz spoke to board of directors and suggested that they would promote Corey as a director, to handle standings and be advisor for external issues. Directors and CEO considered this and agreed. After 3 months of being member of this great corporation Corey found himself in director position.

The Changes

The offer to Corey came suddenly. Lady Scarlett, Director of Arcane Technologies, approached Corey one day when he was spending time to organize his hangar. She told Corey that ATUK could always use able combat pilots and the usual spiel; Corey told her that he is not interested, although the offer to join ATUK, one of the galaxy’s most feared Combat corporations, was very tempting for a young combat pilot. At that time Corey decided that if he was approached by ATUK again he would consider it if he would felt that FinFleet could not offer him same amount of combat that ATUK could, but he told this to no-one. The next 2 weeks Corey found himself wondering more often that what would the world look like in ATUK. However, Corey is a stubborn man, and he had decided not to give it another thought unless Lady Scarlett approached him again. She did, and in October 18th Corey left FinFleet to face new challenges.

The Great Northern War

When Corey joined ATUK the following things happened: ATUK announced that they will be pulling off from their areas in south. ATUK were to become a full combat alliance with no space to protect. This basically meant that Corey was free to shoot anyone who opposed the five, and the remains of his victims belonged to him. ATUK moved to Empire and the North, where it was soon war declared by, or declared war on, several alliances and corporations. Corey learned a lot how to manoeuvre Matari frigates how he wanted to without a second thought. Corey thinks that A lot of thanks goes to Noobjuice who personally instructed him on what to do and what to avoid in fast paced combat situations, though Tholarim somehow managed to get Corey´s ship blew up more times he could count but it was still fun to Corey and his wallet balance was going up more than down. These three months Corey was in ATUK´s rank taught him also other things. It was really fun to Corey but he wanted to have meaning for all the endless killing and now that he think of it maybe he just wanted to sit down for a moment and relax drinking a couple of chest wounds in local bar.

Home Sweet Home

Corey contacted Dash DX and Makeone to ask if he could come back to FinFleet, return home. Corey told them he´s tired of all the constant killing and wanted to relax a bit. Makeone told Corey that he would be welcome to come back, and FinFleet has formed new alliance called Chimaera Pact that is currently reclaiming some of the space that The Five left behind when they left to go to the North. Corey happily joined the fight against Red Alliance as he considered (and still consider) them "dear old enemy", Chimaera Pact managed to take two stations from RA in Detorid and keep them; it wasn’t easy. At that time Corey had spent in ATUK he had become somewhat arrogant about his combat ability (which wasn’t that much as he realizes these days). Someone would even say that Corey had "piss in his head" or "oh that guy, that Mr Knowitall". These days Corey thinks that One thing that makes the difference between good and crap combat pilots is knowledge that there is and always will be someone better than him, usually there’s hundreds of them. Corey told you a story about something that opened his eyes: One day Corey took rather large loan from his friend Kaligo and spent the single last isk buying a Vagabond class heavy assault cruiser and needed modules for it. When travelling from empire where he bought the ship Corey encountered guy called DeMundus and his Vindicator class Battleship. So full of himself and his ability to kill everything in his way Corey blindly attacked him, first DeMundus just locked Corey´s ship and did nothing, just sitting there in space, Corey kept shooting him with his tech 2 autocannons but it took forever to even scratch his shields. Suddenly Corey found himself in position where he knew there’s no escape. Corey´s Warp core stopped responding, his engines failed to work correctly and his velocity dropped at alarming speed. At this point Corey dared to think "No worries he won’t hit me with those massive guns that he has". Corey claims that he can still feel the impact as DeMundus´s Blasters hit his shields. Corey tried to escape but it was too late. Corey remebers it was under 10 seconds that he found his new shiny Vagabond is scrap metal in space anymore...

Corey travelled home beaten and miserably but he had learned his lesson. Corey went to mining to repay the loan and eventually got it paid. Then Corey opened private line to his CEO and asked if he could take vacation, possibly 3 months. Makeone realizing that the vacation would benefit corporation more in future than it would benefit corporation now, granted Corey his break. Corey´s vacation ended in 1st of august. Corey made more successful "comeback" and believes people in FinFleet enjoy his company more now than when he came back from ATUK, Corey is still fighting Red Alliance, and he have several Matar designed ships in his hangar, including some bigger ships than "just" frigates. FinFleet is doing better than ever and all thanks goes to great pilots under FinFleet´s flag, as FinFleet is more successful Corey is too, but make no mistake Corey learned his lesson the first time...

Battle Records

link Kaamos

link Hysteria

link My Home Detorid

Employment History

2005.06.17 - Republic Military School

2005.06.18 - FinFleet

2005.10.18 - Arcane Technologies

2006.01.08 - FinFleet

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