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This is a list of EVE alliances to which an article is devoted.
An EVE alliance is a formal union of two or more corporations working as one entity (at least theoretically), sharing a comms channel, standings and many other things.

This page will update itself automatically on the condition that you add the [[Category:Alliances]] code to an article about an alliance.

Example: adding [[Category:Alliances|Imaginary Alliance]] to the article about Imaginary Alliance will create a link to said article below on this page and will list it under the letter I.

If the alliance is called The Imaginary Alliance and you would like it to appear under the letter I and not under T, then the code you should include in the article should be thus: [[Category:Alliances|Imaginary Alliance, The]].

You're encouraged not to forget to add the relevant category/-ies to any article you create or edit, or to make new categories if necessary; consider the necessity to do that before actually doing it, as over-categorization can make things messier.

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