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Catalyst Reaction was originally forged by former members of Sha Kharn Corp. after betrayal of the Co-CEO, several directors, and a number of key members of the corp played out between the CEO, Sha Kharn, and members of his directorship that had been like Sha, gone for the game for quite some time before coming back and throwing the entire corp into chaos.

The corporation was founded in Olide and later moved into the ajoining lowsec system Mannar where it florished and become a rapidly growing corporation with ambitious goals and an agressive leadership aimed on doing as a corporation what normally was done by Alliances. The corporation was primarily focused on Industrial operations with a PVP side to develop and be supported by a strong Industrial backbone. The corp currently fields roughly 150 pilots capable of flying everything from Titans down. While Haste does not currently field a Titan it is on it's way to setting up a full blown capital ship construction facility which will support it's allies and members in the near future.

The Current CEO and Directors of Haste are:

CEO: MoeStyles

COO Military Operations: Aramova
COO Logistics Operations: Aravigon

Directors: Lance Tyr, Baugoti, XG8N, MasterJedi, Spicer, Dufas, Cuncannon, Hallard, Harrart, Snake7474, H3ndrix
Haste currently resides in Fountain in Xelas Alliance. Since the departure from CHIMP, Haste moved on to rebuild it's ranks and losses from having to pull out of Immensea due to the trecherous actions of their so called allies in the coalition which was led by LV. The corp has built yet was unable to deploy an outpost project that they worked four months to do as a single corporation. The platform was lost in a careless action while being moved into Fountain space.

Haste has built up a strong Industrial team while at the same time developing a strong PVP group which support and works hard within the Xelas command structure. The Industrial operations team has managed to start up T2 and Capital Ship construction as well has once again established an outpost construction team to help support the building and deployment of outposts for it's allies.

More information on this corporation as well as access to some of their public forums can be found at the Catalyst Reaction Website

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